Why Explainer Videos Are So Important

Why Explainer Videos Are So Important

We see them online all the time. Those quirky little, animated videos that teach us about new companies or products. It's usually the first thing I click on when visiting a new website. It's no secret that people love to watch videos. We can consume more information in less time when all we have to do is click play, sit back, and listen.

Sharing is Caring

In today's social media obsessed world, we are sharing and consuming more videos than ever. Snap Chat users are watching over 10 billion videos PER DAY. Facebook isn't far behind at 8 billion (alright, I guess 2 billion is kind of far...). That's an insane amount. Facebook has even said that they would like to see all our newsfeeds become mostly video. We love sharing videos too. That little rush we get when we're the first in our circle of friends to stumble upon a video of a laughing woman in a Chewbacca mask can be quite addicting.

With so much information about how we love watching and sharing videos, it seems obvious that every business would have one, but that's not the case. Companies are missing out on huge customer engagement opportunities. People are roughly 10 times more likely to engage, share, and comment on video content than blogs or other related social posts. What's more, of those viewers who click play, more than 65% of them watch at least 3/4 of your video. A much higher rate than the same information in text form.

Which one are you more likely to enjoy?

Which one are you more likely to enjoy?

Look At Me!

Aside from being much more efficient at getting your message to your customers, an explainer video will improve your SEO. According to Comscore, adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times. That's pretty amazing. There are very few things a company can do to get those kinds of results.

How about those emails you keep sending out? We slave over the copy for days, tweaking and adjusting until we find the perfect wording. We want our message to resonate with our customers but most of the time, emails rarely get read all the way through. Or even worse, they get deleted before they're even opened. It's proven that emails have a much higher click through rate if they link to a video. In fact, it's shown to as much as double the normal click through rate. Double?! You're definitely going to want to add a video into every email you send.

Time To Take Action

You can see how important it is to get into the video arena. Stop putting it off and make the leap into video. Your customers will thank you. Your ROI will thank you. Your analytics team will thank you. Text information will always have its place in the world, but until we figure out how to start lengthening our attention spans, your best bet is to double down on video.

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